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Health Benefits

For thousands of years in both Eastern and Western cultures, doctors, physicians, trainers, and physical therapists, and even psychologists routinely prescribe hydrotherapy to alleviate the symptoms of muscle strains, sprains and stress and tension.

Sovereign spas have jets strategically placed for maximum benefit, with each model offering supreme therapeutic support in a carefree environment. Increase blood flow and aid circulation, reduce muscle strain and soreness, and relieve pressure and tension throughout your body. Calculated buoyancy (and a corresponding feeling of weightlessness) blends perfectly with swirling warm water to deliver a relaxing soak with healing properties. In fact, you'll feel noticeably better in just 15 minutes.

Hydrotherapy sessions melt away tension and strain, but they also provide a gentle and effective massage - targeting your joints and muscles, promoting a better night's sleep and combating the pain of arthritis and other muscle-related injuries.

Safe, enjoyable and effective for the whole family, hydrotherapy and the health benefits of a Sovereign spa will help everyone enjoy an active lifestyle.