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Luxury Jet
The smaller sibling of the Cyclone jet, this offers fast relief for muscle pain and stress.
  Luxury Swirl
Fantastic pulsating effect specifically for sensitive muscle areas.
Micro Jet
These jets focus on specific pressure points as approved by our in-house accupressurist.
  Diverter Jet
Often termed the 'volcano jet' - this jet creates amazing visual effect, not to mention strong massage therapy.
Cyclone Jet
Jet too strong or too weak? The cyclone jets' adjustable pressure can meet your individual needs.
  Cyclone Swirl Jet
Constant rotation provides all over deep tissue therapy.
Mini Jet
For a full back massage, our exclusive Accupressure Seat uses mini jets to target specific muscle groups.
  Gattling Jet
Sore and tired muscles will love the swirling kneading massage this jet provides.