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Sovereign Advantage

Since Sovereign’s inception two decades ago our technological innovations have been the envy of the spa industry.

Being at the forefront of the spa industry for so long garners a significant amount of wisdom and insight into consumer needs. For instance, we know that hydrotherapy, innovation, energy efficiency and water purity, are essential factors to the Sovereign consumer and we build these elements into the very fabric of our product offering.

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The Ultimate Hydrotherapy Experience

Ergonomically moulded seating, manifold plumbing and scientifically proven jet positioning are built in the DNA of every spa we produce. Sovereign's in-house accupressurist plays an integral role in ensuring each spa we produce provides the absolute best massage possible. Together with our renowned international engineers, we ensure that every spa we make has the most effective combination of jets, ergonomic design, and precise water flow to ensure the Ultimate Hydrotherapy experience

EfficiFlow™ Plumbing Network

Our exclusive EfficiFlow™ Plumbing Network provides superior hydrotherapy massage. Unlike other spa manufacturers that string their jets together, resulting in uneven, decreasing water pressures, our EfficiFlow™ Plumbing Network delivers uniform, penetrating pressure to every jet, through use of manifolds. In much the same way as a car uses a manifold to ensure even fuel flow to each cylinder.

Vertigo™ pumps

All Sovereign Spas incorporate Vertigo™ pumps. The Vertigo™ spa pump is a dedicated jet pump giving outstanding flow at pressures needed to drive the large number of jets in Sovereign spas. One of the quietest in the industry at full strength, these pumps were designed so you can enjoy your spa pool, no matter who is near by. In addition to the large 3hp (5.2bhp) jet pump(s), all Sovereign spas incorporate a programmable circulation pump for filtering and heating. Not only are our circulation pumps silent and incredibly energy efficient, but when married with our SpaNet controllers, filter times are fully programmable - an industry first.

Our Vertigo™ spa pumps ensure that Sovereign spas deliver optimal performance with minimal maintenance and noise.


SportSage™ Bucket Seat

The SportSage™ bucket seat is featured on most Sovereign spas and is designed as the ultimate seat to sooth an ailing back. Featuring over 10 mini jets each placed with pin point accuracy by our in-house certified acupressure practitioner, this seat is worth fighting for.


SpaNet™ Control System

We know that fine-tuning your spa to your exact hydrotherapy needs should be a breeze, not a cause of more stress. That’s why every Sovereign spa, from high-end to entry-level, employs a user-friendly, logical control system. This electronic “computer” panel makes operating your spa easy and hassle-free. Programmable filtration and temperature settings allow you to auto-filter and -heat your spa. The SpaNet™ system also offers a one touch clean up cycle, lockable keypad and adjustable light and blower programs. A 24 hour clock is built into the system, which allows you to shut down the spa completely over night. Because the sleep timer doesn't rely on a manual time clock, you can adjust the shut down cycle without having to open the spa cabinet. Should there be any operational problems, the SpaNet™ Control System will self-diagnose the problem and display a solution or recommended course of action. Unique to Sovereign, even our entry level spas come equipped with a full function control system.

Multi-layer Shell Construction

From value-minded to high-end, every Sovereign™ spa is built with our exclusive Multi-layer Shell Construction.

The shell is comprised of 4 layers, including an acrylic surface, vinyl ester resin, to ensure a strong bond and to eliminate de-lamination, clear resin and fibreglass for maximum strength (no chalk-filling), plus a special “flo-coat” ultra high density insulation to insulate your spa and water proof the shell. Our Multi-layer construction, imitates the way luxury yachets are constructed.

Reinforcement supports and strength beams are added to principal stress areas to ensure maximum strength and no cracking. Finally, the footwell (traditionally the weakest area of a spa) is strengthened using encapsulated honeycomb reinforcing and timber cross bracing.

The end result of our Multi-layer process is a spa shell that should last a lifetime.

SpaNet Heater™

We believe our SpaNet Heater™ is the industry’s best spa heater. It is ultra efficient, uses optical water flow rate detection and a Teflon™ coated, Incoloy™ element to eliminate electrolysis and the settling problems experienced in conventional heaters. For added reliability and safety, the SpaNet Heater™ has integrated sensors, is silver souldered and utilises a non corroding, non-metallic heater body. Over the top for a portable spa? Perhaps. But then again, at Sovereign we never compromise on your safety. 

Energy Efficiency

Remarkable energy efficiency is created by our Extreem heat lock Insulation™, which effectively retains excess heat from pumps, blower and heater, using high density fibrous Dacron and heat reflecting foil, which surrounds the interior of the spa cabinet. This creates a pocket of hot air necessary to insulate the shell and water. The end result is an insulation system that outperforms traditional foam insulation to provide you with extremely low running costs.

While providing cost savings for your family, the Extreem heat lock Insulation system will also dramatically reduce noise, allowing you to use your spa day or night without disturbing the neighbours.

Water Purity

Crystal Clear Water Management

Our optional Crystal Clear UV sanitiser is yet another industry first. Within the Crystal Clear system, water is passed through a UV sanitising system similar to that used in the bottled water industry. When incorporated with our MaxiClean™ filtration and promgrammable circulation pump, water quality improves and chemical use decreases.

The need to maintain water purity remains a basic, yet essential element in today’s usage of spas. We have developed the MaxiClean Filtration™ system which provides programmable, round the clock filtration to keep your spa clean and healthy.

This programmable, independent filter system employs a highly efficient dual filter design to ensure that your spa’s water is 100% filtered before it is re-circulated. The MaxiClean™ All Day Filtration can be programmed to filter water for an adjustable period each and everyday, ensuring clean, safe water, and maximum energy efficiency.

An integral part of the MaxiClean Filtration™ system is the large, wide-mouth skimmer box built-in to the shell for strength. Unlike other spa manufacturers, who cut a large hole into the shell and install a plastic filter housing, Sovereign mould a wide-mouth filter box into the shell of your spa. This eliminates the "scum line" at water level while retaining maximum strength and overcoming leak problems. The easily removable filter lid gives instant access to 2 large screw-in filters for easy cleaning.