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What is a spa shell?
A spa shell is the entire seating area or basin of the spa. Because it is also the most expensive component of your spa to replace, it is also one of the most important features to evaluate before you make a spa purchase. The spa shell must sustain the weight of hundreds of litres of water, in addition to the weight of it occupants. Consequently, you should thoroughly scrutinise the engineering and materials used in constructing the shell. With a Sovereign Spa Pool, you can be confident that our exclusive TitaniLaminate™ shell construction is unparalleled in engineering and premium materials.

How do I choose the right seating arrangement for my spa pool?
When choosing seating arrangement, you should consider for what purpose(s) your spa would be used. Are you looking for hydrotherapy massage? A place to get together and relax with family? Maximum seating to entertain friends? Or a combination of the above? Also evaluate what types of seats you find comfortable and easily accessible. Sovereign Spas provides a wide variety of seating plans that combine bench, contoured, and lounge seating. With over 13 spa models and a vast range of features and options, Sovereign Spas has the perfect spa pool to meet all your home, therapy, and budget ideals.

What are "ExpertaTherapy™ seats"?
ExpertaTherapy™ seats are ergonomically designed to provide a relaxing, full body massage. A variety of performance jets are arranged to provide penetrating massage to neck, back, shoulders, arms, thighs, knees, calves and/or feet. Sovereign Spa Pools feature several different ExpertaTherapy™ seats, each with a unique layout of jets to provide different massage sensations. All designed by our in-house accupressurist, Kon Loy Ng for the most therapeutic massage available, ExpertaTherapy™ seats are an important feature when considering what spa model best fits your hydrotherapy, entertainment, and/or relaxation needs.

Why are "removable panels" important?
Removable panels allow easy access to the spa's interior should your spa require service or maintenance. During our extensive quality tests, removable panels also allow our Quality Control Experts to check and re-check your spa's interior components before your spa pool is finally shipped.

What is the recommended length of time that I can stay in my spa?
We recommend that spa use should be restricted to approximately 20 minutes to avoid heat stress.

What is the safest maximum water temperature?
It is recommended that your spa temperature does not exceed 40 degrees celcius. An ideal range is 35 to 38 degrees celcius.

How is the spa insulated?
Most spas on the market are foam filled; meaning the spa cabinet to the underside of the shell is filled with foam insulation. This means that there is poor access to the components and is often used to support flimsy spa shells.

Furthermore if the spa plumbing happens to leak, water will travel along the foam resulting in the leak being visible in a completely different location. This makes it near impossible to fix a spa that is foam insulated.

Remarkable energy efficiency is created by Sovereign's unique patent pending Triple Seal Insulation™ which effectively retains heat and ensures tangible lower operating costs. High density fibrous wool surrounds the cabinet which is layered with a heat reflecting foil. This creates a pocket of hot air necessary to insulate the shell and water. The end result is an insulation system that is arguably the best in the world.

While providing cost savings for your family, the Triple Seal Insulation system will also dramatically reduce noise, allowing you to use your spa day or night without disturbing the neighbours.

Where should I install my spa pool?
Because of the combined weight of the spa pool, water and people, it is important that the base upon which the spa pool rests be smooth, flat, level and capable of uniformly supporting the weight, without shifting or settling, for the entire time the spa pool is in place.

We recommend a poured reinforced concrete slab with a minimum thickness of 10cm. For those wanting to put your spa pool on a deck, make sure it has a solid reinforced foundation and that it meets the requirements as outlined above.

Some spas including the Empress can be installed indoors, and makes a grand centrepiece for any sunroom or luxury bathroom. Please be certain to make provisions for proper ventilation. When the spa pool is use, considerable amounts of moisture will escape.

What about outdoor locations?
In selecting an ideal outdoor location for your spa pool, we suggest that you take into consideration:
a) the proximity to changing area and shelter (especially in colder weather)
b) the pathway to and from your spa pool. This should be relatively clean so that dirt and leaves are not easily tracked into the spa pool.
c) the closeness to trees and shrubbery, leaves and birds could create extra work in keeping the spa pool clean d) a sheltered environment or you could enhance it with one of Sovereign timber gazebo.

Is it necessary to change the water after each use?
The spa water should be changed every three to four months, or remove approximately 30% or 1/3 of the volume of water every three or four weeks.

Water Purity?
The need to maintain water purity remains a basic, yet essential element in today's usage of spas. We have developed the MaxiClean Filtration™ system which provides all day round the clock filtration to keep your spa clean and healthy.

This programmable, independent filter system employs a highly efficient dual filter design to ensure that your spa's water is 100% filtered before it is re-circulated. The MaxiClean™ All Day Filtration is timed to filter water for four hours each and everyday, ensuring clean, safe water, and maximum energy efficiency.

An integral part of the MaxiClean Filtration™ system is the large, wide-mouth skimmer box built-in to the shell for strength. Unlike other spa manufacturers, who cut a large hole into the shell and install a plastic filter housing, Monarch mould a wide-mouth filter box into the shell of your spa. This eliminates the "scum line" at water level while retaining maximum strength and overcoming leak problems. The top access filter lid gives instant access to 2 large screw-in filters for easy cleaning.